Friday, May 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Ambush and Vicinity Map

Above is a map scan with various sites plotted for reference. The grid lines are 1 kilometer (click) apart, the red dots indicate AP (ambush) sites, FSB's and NDP's. The entry in blue is the original site for 2nd platoons ambush on Christmas Eve of 1968. As you can see the trail that we ambushed ran at a diagonal from NE to SW and our AP site was juat at the point where the trail intersected with LTL14. You can also see that all the plots are fairly close together indicating that we worked that area quite extensively. NDP Cantigny was already closed and torn down at the time of the ambush plus both Aachen FSB's were yet to be built later in April and May of 1969. At the time we were based in and operating out of NDP Junction City which had, at that point, become FSB Junction City since a 105 howitzer battery had been placed there.
The NVA movement along the ambushed trail was all from the NE to the SW towards the river.