Friday, May 29, 2009

Errata: The First 100 pages

PAGE 10 - "Ruby" was written about the Korean War and not the war in Vietnam.

PAGE 50 - Stephen Samples and not Larry Samples.

PAGE 55 - David Spain was never in the field, much less Julie, so this is probably a typo and should read David Bean.

PAGE 57 - There was no 17 year old soldier. The closest "candidate" for this would be Samuel Johnson who was 20 years old and hit RVN on October 3rd. The medic that was killed was Anthony Laskowski of 3rd platoon.

PAGE 67 - Kit Bowen was a 1st platoon member so the bunker was more than likely also 1st platoon and not 2nd platoon. I was in 2nd platoon and was never fortunate enough to be in a bunker built of beer.

PAGE 71 - Swenticky wasn't at Cantigny. He was wounded at Julie and didn't rejoin the company until we were at Junction City in December of 1968.

PAGE 72 - There was no "paper batting" to be ripped off by Dan Colfack. Obviously textual "theatrics" thrown in by the authors.

PAGE 77 - There was no soldier named Washington in Charlie Company (much less 2nd platoon) at Julie plus an M-79 round took considerable distance (about 90 feet) to arm itself before it would explode.

PAGE 79 - The phrase "Three popsicles; two melted" was uttered by Charles Hedspeth into the radio when 3rd platoon popped an ambush on the outskirts of Ben Chua during late 1969 (August thru October).

PAGE 84 - The two KIA's and two WIA's were caused by a dud 81mm (US mortar) round that exploded when retrieved for disposal and not by RPG rounds. All were members of Bravo companies mortar crew.

PAGE 98 - There were no B-52 craters in the area whatsoever. The truce was a 12 hour truce (6pm to 6am) and not a 36 hour truce. The NVA were moving north to south entering the Iron Triangle and not leaving it.

PAGE 99 - The Hunter Killer team never saw any NVA, gave up and made a run at what they thought was a sampan farther upriver which turned out to be just a log. We moved less than 2 KM from Junction City and were well over 1/2 KM from the river.

PAGE 100 - Claymore mines were detonated using electronic firing mechanisms and not trip wires. The ambush was popped before 6pm. There was only one group of 5 NVA and not "three cells of three men each".

PAGE 101 - There were no women and children. John Sommer was that only one crying and whining about the moaning NVA and several guys thought we should shoot him first.

PAGE 102 - We killed a total of 7 NVA all of which were dead in the morning (none twitching). No women. No children. Gilliland was not wounded in the hand. David Bean and Bill Hoffman were the only two casualties.